Raymond A Annan is the Head of Finance at OAG. He is a member of the firms’ management
committee. Mr Annan is an experienced IFRS and securities valuation specialist with varying
experiences in financial services, oil and gas, and IT/Power Management sectors. In his role
as the Head of Finance for Obsidian Achernar Limited, Raymond provides finance and
strategic leadership to a diverse range of businesses within the group. Raymond partners
with various divisional heads to drive growth strategies while enabling clients to manage
their foreign currency and securities exposure. Raymond is a member of the ACCA and is
pursuing the FRM and CFA designations.

Before joining OAG, Mr Annan previously worked for a decade at Vivo Energy Ghana – a
subsidiary of Shell.

Outside work, Raymond loves livestock farming and enjoys travelling around Ghana.

Bringing Positive Change

OA's passion also lies in helping those who are less privileged break through barriers to succeed in the education world; through social initiatives targeted at less privileged communities. OA Markets also help many other charities around Africa.