The culture of Obsidian Achernar is to pursue and secure excellence and we do this by:

"Making the impossible, possible”

Using learning to drive growth.

Being open to innovation and welcoming the new.

Actively acquiring and sharing knowledge.

Building and nurturing high calibre relationships.

Having an unshakeable commitment to honesty, transparency and integrity in all we do.

Being prompt in execution, reliable, effective and competitive so we remain the first choice for clients.

Adding value to our clients and treating them with respect and fairness.

Acting with kindness and creating a positive legacy

We have an elite mindset and act with excellence in all that we do.

We know and believe in the African story and the role of our institution within it. We are driven by an unyielding commitment to contribute to the creation and furtherance of lasting economic growth and development on the continent – and the birth of The African Dream.