Brian Haizel joined Obsidian Achernar as a Currency Broker in January 2019. Before that, he was a fixed income analyst at IC Securities, handling both front and back-office work, with additional responsibilities in the global markets department.

In his role as a currency broker, he focuses on using his exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to engage corporate institutions in brokering the buying and selling of currencies between themselves and the banks.  

He is a graduate of Central University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He displays dedication to his work, innovation in handling his desk, and a commitment to making sure every transaction provides value for every client.

Bringing Positive Change

OA's passion also lies in helping those who are less privileged break through barriers to succeed in the education world; through social initiatives targeted at less privileged communities. OA Markets also help many other charities around Africa.