In Metals, OA provides brokerage and market-making services for the base and precious metals (Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead and Gold). 

In Agriculture, we are primarily a broker, but also provide market-making in specific option products (Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar and Grains). 

In Energy, we provide agency brokerage across OTC and Exchange Cleared Contracts, with a focus on Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Iron Ore, Coal, Crude, Light Ends, Environmental and Freight.

OA provides clients with more than just access to market liquidity and management of order-flow (screen, voice and Direct Market Access), we also have extensive data and analysis. 

While other competitors might match our offering in one specific commodity category, we are unique for being top-tier across Metals, Energy and Agricultural products.

Bringing Positive Change

OA's passion also lies in helping those who are less privileged break through barriers to succeed in the education world; through social initiatives targeted at less privileged communities. OA Markets also help many other charities around Africa.