Hamzah Bawah, Chief Technology Officer

Hamzah is the Chief Technology Officer at Obsidian Achernar and loves using technology to solve problems. He has spent his entire career in the technology industry, gaining experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, DevOps, and Research.

Before joining Obsidian Achernar, Hamzah worked as the lead of the TOBi engineering team at Vodafone Ghana, using Artificial Intelligence to automate customer service. He’s also a co-founder and currently serves as the lead of research at the Hacklab Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the largest hackathon in Africa.

While CTO at Obsidian Achernar is his primary job function, Hamzah also enjoys astronomy and playing video games.

Bringing Positive Change

OA's passion also lies in helping those who are less privileged break through barriers to succeed in the education world; through social initiatives targeted at less privileged communities. OA Markets also help many other charities around Africa.