Corporate Payments

Working alongside a global network of clients, Currency Solutions is the preferred choice to provide currency risk management, market insight and a dedicated dealing service. This coupled with our ability to provide our clients with great exchange rates allows us to remain a leader within our industry.

  • Make & receive payments
  • Spot
  • Forward contracts
  • Market orders
  • Multiple payments
  • Unparalleled service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Instant access to the market via phone
  • 24/7 online access
  • Fast, flexible and secure payments
  • Market expertise and insights
  • Risk management
  • Identify and understand FX risk
  • Develop bespoke hedging strategies
  • Implement hedging strategy
  • Evaluate your hedging policy on an ongoing basis

Our clients often conduct transactions in different currencies – they do this by making and receiving international payments:

  • When paying their employees
  • Invoice payments
  • Sourcing material from across the world
  • Making investments around the world
  • Noncompetitive exchange rates and ever-present volatility in the currency markets can pose a very real threat to businesses with an international focus.
  • At OA, we make money transfers and payments easy for our clients with the option to manage their account over the phone or by email. When a trade is booked, clients will know upfront
  • exactly how much they need to pay with no surprise fees. Simple!

Keep up to date with us – view live rates, graphs and economic commentary here.
Or set up a free rate alert and we’ll do the rate watching for you.

Fortunately, there are ways of managing this exposure and specialists OBSIDIAN ACHERNAR FX can provide tailored solutions to suit your particular requirements allowing you to plan ahead with confidence, along with very tight margins when working out your exchange rate.
this Is our sole business; we focus on getting our clients a rate that is as close to the interbank rate(This is the rate at which banks sell to each other) as possible while reducing or eliminating transfer fees.

Giving clients access to valuable products that can protect you from negative exchange rate movements in the future
The closer you get to the interbank rate the better, so if your quote is based on the live rate (as with brokers) you are more likely to achieve this.

Key benefits of an Obsidian Achernar as your foreign exchange broker:

  • Tighter margins, getting you a better exchange rate for your payments
  • Faster international payments- same-day in many cases
  • Forward contracts – fix the rate for a date in the future
  • Currency options – protection from negative rate movements, while still benefiting from improvements in the rates
  • No commission and heavily reduced transfer fees
  • Bespoke and professional service with a dedicated consultant
  • Free rate alert service and currency market updates
  • Regular transfer system and online payments
  • Competitive pricing and 24-hour support
  • We are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements without you having to open an account

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